We offer a wide range of brake services and products.

Brake Servicing

We supply & fit new standard brake pads, rotors, drums & brake shoes

Brake Upgrades

We offer brake upgrades if your wanting that bit more braking power. 

Custom Services

We can make you brake lines, change wheel cylinders, wheel bearings, brake boosters & master cylinders. 

Parts and Accessories 

We offer wide range of brake accessories at competitive prices.

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We work with every customer to make sure you recieve the products and service you need to keep your family safe in your car

Owners Derek and Natalie Challen years,

We have the tools to offer competitive pricing and professional service

Our on board brake lathe machines brake rotors without removing them from the vehicle. Not only does this provide us with precise machining, we are able to service your vehicle faster than conventional methods, giving you a hassle free experience.

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I couldnt be happier with the service. Thanks guys awesome job

Gareth Hogan years,

They do a great job and you get good friendly customer service.

Kathy A Wicko years,

They go above and beyond with their service would highly recommend.

Cassey Barron years,

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